• Author: Brittany R.
    My husband is switching jobs and needs to fill out new W2 forms. Where can he go online to find such forms?
    • If you visit the government web sites they will have all the forms you need. Sorry I cannot help you to the exact web site since I live in a different country and we do not use these forms.
      Answered by: Rachel B. -
  • Author: Abigail B.
    I need to file taxes. Can you do an electronic file for w2 forms online or in person?
    • Yes you can file an w2 online . Here are some sites that can help you with this www.irs.gov/faqs/faq/0,,id=199687,00.html ,www.rapidtax.com/file-taxes-without-w-2/
      Answered by: Marlowe L. -
  • Author: Andrew R.
    I need information about w2 forms online. Could you inform me about w2 forms online?
    • You may find information about W2 forms on the following websites....www.uchastings.edu/fiscal/docs/Access-your-W-2-Online.pdf or taxformprocessing.com/tax/faq/tax8.htm
      Answered by: Zachary B. -
  • Author: Jeremy B.
    My company offers w2 forms online. Are they official and can I use them to file my taxes?
    • W2 online forms are just as reliable and official as the paper copy. They are generally posted earlier than the mailed copies, allowing people to file their taxes well before the April deadline. Online W2 forms contain the same information as the paper copy and can be used to file one's taxes.
      Answered by: Emily G. -

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